Flexible work hours

Ready to be a courier? You will be self-employed, and free to work on your own schedule. We pay well and you can earn up to GHS20 an hour.


Flexible Hours

You can work with JoppaLogic and still do what you love. You choose the time that works best for you.

Earn Whenever

With customers all day long, you can earn money every second of your working hour.

Your Ride, Your Choice

Feel at home to choose whatever mode of transport you wish to make your rounds.

Great Money

You're paid an hourly rate, plus bonuses for every pickup complete. And there are tips too.

Great community

At JoppaLogic, we're a family. We have community events, meetups and sessions with all stars.

Zero to Ready in no time

Just like you, we hate formalities. You get on-boarded and ready to start work within hours.

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